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Mental Health and Exercise

Posted On May 9, 2023 By Lisa Traugott

woman on an exercise bike
Feeling stressed? Anxiety and depression are common issues we face, but increasing numbers of studies demonstrate even moderate amounts of exercise will improve your mental health.... Read More

Thai Ground Turkey Salad

Posted On Mar 3, 2023 By Brandy Gales

Thai ground turkey salad
This dish is made from an item called ground turkey larb. If you have never heard of larb before, it is basically a meat salad used in a lot of Thai dishes.... Read More

Full-Body, 30-Minute Treadmill with Strength Workout

Posted On Mar 1, 2023 By Lisa Traugott

Ready to work your whole body? This workout combines treadmill cardio with strength training exercises that target shoulders, chest, back, legs and abdominals using your home gym, dumbbells and barbells.... Read More

Zucchini and Mint Pasta Dinner

Posted On Feb 24, 2023 By Brandy Gales

Zucchini mint pasta dinner
This dinner is a true weeknight wonder meal. This is ready in under 30 minutes, it’s light yet filling, and the ingredients are relatively inexpensive. This would also fill a “Meatless Monday” meal... Read More

Winter Fitness Tips: Keeping Fitness Going When It Gets Cold

Posted On Feb 23, 2023 By Lisa Traugott

two people skiing downhill
Unless you’re a bear, there’s no need to hibernate from your fitness routine. Winter offers unique benefits for those drawn to snow and ice. But don’t worry – I’ve got a few ideas for anyone who growls at the cold.... Read More