Team California/HMS will be racing at this year’s Tour of the Gila sponsored by HMS, which is composed of under 25 year old athletes, helping these aspiring young men pursue their dreams. HMS will also be providing medical support and with the help of Dr. Armedariz who established the COVID protocols for the event.

Team California was formed in 2016 as Echelon/Storck, where the team made their first appearance at the Tour of the Gila. The team has competed every year since. The goal of their program is to support U25 athletes, affording them opportunities they may not be able to achieve elsewise. HMS has helped make possible, in part, the team being able to come this year. The roster has California riders and also one international rider from Germany. The team has a particularly strong climber roster. This is perfectly fit for stages 1 and 5 of the Tour of the Gila. Stage 1 ends with a 19% climb on the road to Mogollon. In stage 5, racers compete on a loop that takes them toward the Gila Cliff Dwellings experiencing over 9,000 feet of climbing and with downhill descents that can exceed speeds of 60 miles an hour.