This past weekend proved to be some very rainy weather in Silver City; thus, the Gran Fondo was canceled due to significant rain. However, some enjoyed an afternoon fun ride and many joined together for a party at the Buckhorn Saloon and Opera House.  However, there were two riders who decided to take on the day as “almost planned” and truly earned the stripes of being Gila Proven.

Here are words from event director, Jack Brennan. “Ken Clarke and Erich Schwieson are both from Colorado.  They went into Gila Hike & Bike around 8:15am and found out that I had a Rain Delay for the Gran Fondo.  I had hoped to start the ride around noon but that eventually did not happen.


Anyway, Kevin and Erich decided to take off and ride the 80 Mile Gran Fondo.

Erich told me that everything was fine going out to the Cliff Dwellings Visitor Center.  But on their way back they encountered a previous dry creek that had swelled to about 50 to 60 wide and 1.5 feet deep.  Their only option was to wade across.  

Kevin and Erich reached the Buckhorn Saloon & Opera House and the After-Ride Party around 5:00pm completing their epic day in the Gila.  Once we found out what they had accomplished, all of the folks attending the After-Ride Party gave Kevin and Erich a standing ovation.

Those guys are truly Gila Proven!!!

Thank you all for coming to this year’s rainy event. I am sorry the weather turned out as it did. We look forward to the next time!”

Jack Brennan

Check out Erich’s video shows his buddy crossing Here